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Vinyl- uPVC Pipes for life

Who We Are: Family Run Professional Business for 8 decades Dedicated to Managing Water.
We, at Vinyl Tubes Private Limited, are amongst the leading names in the piping and related products segment. The company, founded by Mr. Jaychand Jain in 1941, has emerged as one of the most trusted brands for uPVC pipes and fittings because of our utmost focus on quality. Under the aegis of his son Mr. Hukum Chand Jain and grandson, Mr. Vitul Jain, the company has managed to demonstrate outstanding competence and extraordinary team spirit.

Our prominence in the pipe manufacturing sector is a result of our reliance on efficient technologies and our propensity to leverage our proprietary knowledge by utilizing polymers in the water industry. As an organization that is fully committed to delivering results through an environmental-friendly approach, we use recyclable polymers for the complete water cycle.
The Power of Brand Vinyl: Consumer Satisfaction Is Priority

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Our Technology and R&D: Develop and Deploy
Our in-house RnD team provides us with the agility and expertise to not just develop high-quality products but also surpass the global standards of manufacturing. Our power lock technology provides us with control over the quality of our uPVC Pipes. Also, the proprietary know-how and the ownership of patents, especially for column pipes makes use one of the leading column pipes manufacturers in the world. The presence of an in-house dedicated R&D team empowers us with incredible manufacturing prowess and helps us design the most extraordinary piping solutions. Be it column, pressure, screen or casing pipes, we implement the most advanced technology to develop the most efficient solutions.

What We Do: We develop and deploy the best technology and practices to achieve our mission

With approximately eight decades of experience in the Indian Pipe Market, we have explored the strong growth fundamentals in the Indian pipe industry. Through our consistent endeavors, we have managed to successfully optimize our production, processes, and quality control systems. Through the development and manufacturing of the strongest, safest, and most efficient range of eclectic uPVC pipes for all water applications, we ensure the reliability and efficiency of water supply systems across the globe.
We have unfolded new dimensions of development and progress through our initiatives and cherish a strong reputation for high-quality products and a reliable distribution network. We deal in a wide range of products such as well casing pipes, pressure pipes, column pipes, screen pipes and their respective fittings, which find application in irrigation, sanitation, housing, and drainage.
Our patented technology of power lock has made us one of the leading column pipes manufacturers and has helped us develop pipes for a range of water applications. We already have piping solutions for over a million borewells with the same technology and power lock. Our power lock technology endows us with the ability to develop uPVC pipes that are at par with global standards.

Why We Exist: Ensuring water for everyone

We, at Vinyl Pipes, are deeply committed towards consistent innovations in irrigation, drainage, and plumbing technologies. These innovations are driven by the need to meet the country’s rapidly-increasing water demands. All our products go through extensive quality control tests to ensure that they conform to both Indian as well as international standards.
Our focus on 100% customer satisfaction has driven us to continually improvise on the product quality, enhance ease-of-use, improve availability, and cost-performance. Thus, we seek to give our valuable customers access to the best, the latest, the most cost-effective products.
Our sustainability efforts are driven by a two-pronged approach of the green cycle and blue cycle. While our green cycle method revolves around the recycling of polymers, our blue cycle approach is focused on the judicious reuse of water in the cycle.

Our Mission

To acquire the leadership position by providing a cost effective solution for water piping, ensuring customer satisfaction by contributing to their success.

Our vision

Global leader in the water pipe To emerge as a global leader in the water pipe industry through the development and adoption of new technology and the relentless process of transforming innovative ideas into extraordinary realities.

Our Goal

To make every water supply bore well across the globe highly efficient with excellent safety levels while maintaining its affordability at all times. Thus, we look forward to saving 1.3 billion units of electricity through our efforts.

Our Core Values​

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Position: CEO of Vinyl Pipes
Experience: 40 Years as an Engineer


We are the leading ISO 9001 certified Pipe, water management product-manufacturing brand from India. We produce uPVC Column Pipes, uPVC Casing Pipes, uPVC Riser Pipes for Bore Well pumps, SWR Pipes for Drainage water, uPVC pipe for Irrigation & Electrical wiring and Plumbing pipes.


Guaranteed quality. State of the art manufacturing and ISO, NSF, WRAS, ASNZ, CE – EUROGLOBAL certified.

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