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water well drillers gain better margins 2

Water Well Drillers: Gain Better Margins

"The market is ever-changing, and the great advice is to listen to where the market is going and adapt your equipment, business, website…
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vinyl borewell pipe

Introduction of borewell

After 70 years of independence, the majority of our workforce is into agriculture. India being an agrarian country, farmers depend on monsoon. Due…
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vinyl pipes

Why do we need recharge wells for borewell ?

Ground water is a precious gift from nature and we use bore-wells to get it . Most of the countries in the World…
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uPVC vs GI pipes

uPVC Pipes vs. GI Pipes for Water Supply

A borewell is the biggest transformation in the life of mankind. Water, the most precious resource under your feet, is the key to…
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