Is water well drilling profitable?- Vinyl Pipes - Vinylpipe

Is water well drilling profitable?- Vinyl Pipes

improve margins with vinyl uPVC pipe supplier
“The market is ever-changing, and the great advice is to listen to where the market is going and adapt your equipment, business, website to fit the needs of the market,” says Gary L. Hix, a water well consultant and the owner of In2Wells LLC, USA. That is indeed great advice for water well drillers around the world. The need for drilling water is growing, and that’s good news for people like you who are in the water well drilling industry. But these are challenging times too. Not only do you have to ensure safe and quick ways of drilling, you also have to fend off competition, and often end up working with wafer-thin margins. The customers expect high-quality water wells that are long-lasting. So business is often tough. It doesn’t have to be, as soon as you figure out ways to improve your margins in water well drilling. Once you shore up your margins, business becomes much easier. The fastest way to do that? Move away from using GI Pipes or Stainless steel Inox pipes and start using uPVC.
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Are you still using those old GI pipes that rust easily?

uPVC pipes from a reliable manufacturer can be the game changer your drilling business is looking for. You get a far superior product than Steel / iron pipes, as well as better water quality.

Here’s how you can energize your business, simply by using good quality uPVC pipes.

uPVC pipes are 63% cheaper!

On an average, quality uPVC pipes, such as those from Vinyl, cost 63% less than iron pipes. That itself brings you a saving of over USD 1400 per well!

Spend less on labor

Why? Simply because uPVC pipes are much lighter than iron pipes. So your installation is faster requiring less labor and resources. And you also don’t need special equipment for welding and assembling.

You can resell, even after 50 years!

uPVC has high recycle value. After 50+ years of use, the pipes can be recycled or reused for 100+ years in non-critical applications.

Your clients save on energy and maintenance costs!

If you can drill wells that are long lasting and require less maintenance and running costs, your clients are going to be very happy with you. Here’s why:
  • Less electricity: With lower friction inside the pipes causing less head loss, a well requires up to 23% less electricity.
  • uPVC doesn’t erode or rust: This allows the slots to be designed to maximize permeability, reducing flow resistance.
  • Long life: uPVC pipes are resistant to bacteria and corroding agents found in the inhospitable environment surrounding a well. They can work flawlessly for 50+ years.
  • uPVC is resistant to chemical corrosion: It is unaffected by the chemicals used for cleaning and regenerating the wells.
  • Food grade: uPVC pipes are food grade, and free from toxic metal contamination.
  • Low maintenance: Good quality uPVC pipes have a high compressive strength so they are light as well as stress resistant. Maintenance is rarely required.
  • Light-weight yet stronger than iron: The specific strength of PVC is almost 78% higher than iron.
By simply choosing to use high quality uPVC pipes instead of iron pipes, you get so many avenues to bring down costs. And because you will deliver a higher quality water well, you can now set your own price. And gain better margins! Chat with our uPVC expert today!

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