7 Top uPVC Column Pipes features to know – Vinyl Pipes - Vinylpipe

7 Top uPVC Column Pipes features to know – Vinyl Pipes


Water management projects using submersible pumps heavily rely on column pipes to deliver water out of the well efficiently. As such, ensuring high quality of these column pipes is very essential. Which is where uPVC column pipes come into play.

Vinyl’s pipes have metal free composition that makes them resistant to corrosion, rust, and chemical reaction, which ensures delivery of high quality water, always! 

At Vinyl, we focus on providing the highest quality and durable uPVC pipes to our clients to optimize their investments in water management. 

Let’s take a look at 7 key features of uPVC column pipes, which help make pump companies’ projects more efficient, effective and durable. 

1. Stress-free

To ensure long-life and strength of our riser pipes in your water-well projects, we implement additional steps of annealing and heat processes. This also removes inner stress of the product, making it stress-free. The mechanical properties of column pipes are enhanced, making them more durable and less prone to external stressors. 

2.  Bi-Axial Orientation

Studying the need for riser pipes resistant to high impact in your water management projects, we have invested years in research and development and developed pipes with bi-axial orientation. Vinyl’s technology increases the tensile strength of the pipes and reduces the growth of cracks, making it less prone to high impact. This allows your water wells to be more efficient for a far longer duration than steel pipes!.

3. Special design formulation

By implementing the latest technology, processes, and materials, our uPVC pipes are built with a special design formulation to withstand internal hydrostatic pressure as well as the external weight of the column and the pump. This optimizes their usage in your projects for the long-run, even after repeated loosening or tightening of pipe threads, making them last for more than five decades.

4. Dual load application

As mentioned, column pipes have to endure high pressure and load, both internally and vertically. Especially in the case of the first pipe connected to your pump, it can face up to 35 kg/cm2 of hydrostatic pressure.

Similarly, the top most pipe has to support the weight of the entire column pipe delivering water, as well as the pump, which could go as high as 2 tons. Therefore, the dual load application, which is a unique feature of Vinyl pipes, allows your water-pump projects to withstand this pressure over long periods of time.

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5. Power lock technology

Safety and security of the complete water-well project is very important. To facilitate securing this system, our uPVC pipes come enabled with a power lock technology that bears axial load and torque load, hence strengthening the whole borewell construction.

6. 100% Leak-free

To make the pipes resistant to leakage, they are also equipped with O-rings and LPR technology. Coupled with the power lock system, they ensure that the pipes are 100% leak-free. So by using uPVC drop pipes, your water management project can minimize overall leakage and water wastage. 

7. Lead-free and heavy metal free

uPVC pipes are lead-free and heavy metal free, which makes them resistant to rusting as well as chemical reactions. This allows you to deliver 100% hygienic and safe water for consumption, by ensuring high standards of delivery system. 

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These key features of uPVC column pipes make them the best in the market for your water management needs.

If you are looking for enhanced durability, efficiency, quality and performance, look no further than Vinyl. Installing our uPVC riser pipes can help increase the environmental and monetary advantages of your water management projects!

Interested to know more about our uPVC column pipes?

Download the product catalog for more information. 

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