Russia’s Water Challenges- Take a deep look - Vinylpipe

Russia’s Water Challenges- Take a deep look


Quality Standards and Adverse Weather and Local Conditions

Change JA Trudeau to Yartruba

Vinyl Pipes launched its column pipes in Russia and the CIS region where there was little awareness of power locked uPVC column pipes an innovative product. Vinyl started seeing traction and began to get talked about in the drilling industry. 

Considering that large players already existed in the market, it was definitely a risky move for Vinyl. But as word got around, the leading manufacturer of casing pipes in Russia, JA Trudeau, reached out to Vinyl. 

JA Trudeau has more than 250 outlets where their products are available. They cater to more than 700 drilling companies in Russia alone and over 200 in other nearby regions. Given their size and expertise, it would have been easy for them to start manufacturing their own column pipes. However, JA Trudeau decided to explore a partnership with Vinyl to deliver column pipes to their customers.

Five years later, the partnership still continues and JA Trudeau has complete trust in Vinyl because of their price competitiveness, quality control and proprietary know-how.

It’s about Quality

The Russian water well industry is very quality-focused. The companies look for quality solutions, especially because the region sees such extreme weather conditions. Temperatures can go as low as -20 degrees Celsius.

JA Trudeau wanted pipes that could withstand such temperatures, and not break. Vinyl’s ongoing research into various compounds has led to the development of a proprietary chemical compound. This compound is used in Vinyl’s column pipes and does not allow the pipes to become brittle at low temperatures. Nor does it make the pipes very flexible in very high temperatures. The compound also increases the strength of the threads.

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When JA Trudeau and drilling companies Vinyl was in touch with asked the durability of the pipes in extreme temperatures, the Vinyl team gave the assurance that the pipes would never present a problem, because of the rigorous testing processes undergone by the pipes.

The existing solutions they used were of steel pipes and they installed heavier duty ones where a lower grade should have sufficed. This was to reduce chances of failure.

However, convinced by the quality standards of Vinyl pipes, JA Trudeau decided to test with a small consignment of pipes, which was enough for 20 water wells. While this was too small a deal for Vinyl, it was necessary to win the confidence of the market. Hence Vinyl delivered the consignment. JA Trudeau enabled the creation of a new standard for column pipes in the government agency for standardization and did all the documentation needed for it.

Slew of Benefits

Once the pipes were installed, JA Trudeau could see the various benefits: The costs were lower than the steel pipes they were using, the water quality was good, and there was the saving of energy as well. But the biggest benefit over steel pipes was to do with the high voltages created by strong underwater currents in aquifers. These currents of high voltage make pinholes in steel pipes, which means that they need to be replaced every 6-10 years.

But with Vinyl’s uPVC pipes, this problem was automatically solved, as PVC is a non-conductor of electricity.

It was clear to JA Trudeau that Vinyl’s uPVC pipes were as good, if not better, option for column pipes. And they went ahead and developed the market for adoption of Vinyl’s uPVC column pipes in Russia and the CIS region. Having Vinyl products as part of their portfolio, JA Trudeau now has a complete and comprehensive product range that it can offer to its customers.


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