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Why VINYL uPVC Pipes

upvc well casing and screen pipes as per DIN 4925 stadards
Unplasticized Polyvinyl chloride (uPVC), is most suitable for water well construction.
The higher density of uPVC puts uPVC at an advantage to be used in water wells.
uPVC pipes have a considerably high yield stress of 55N/mm. Their high elasticity, allows them to attain required stiffness, this prevents the undesired deformation in pipes.
uPVC pipes are resistant to all substances dissolved in natural groundwater, including acids and salts. Being resistant to water of pH range between 2-12, the chemicals used for cleaning, development, and regeneration of the wells (both organic and inorganic) do not affect these pipes.
Being a Plastic Casing pipe the Vinyl uPVC Casing PIpes offer unparalleled resistance to chemical abrasion, and corrosion, complemented by being eco-friendly is the reason behind Vinyl Tubes Pvt. Ltd. Choosing to manufacture them.
The high temperature tolerance and lightweight of uPVC pipes contribute to their low labor and shipping charge and make uPVC pipe the choice for heavy operations

Why VINYL uPVC Pipes

Friction Less Surface

Friction less surface

Energy Saving icon

Energy Saving

Maximum Load Capacity icon

Maximum Load Capacity

Cost Effective Icon

Cost Effective

100% Leak Proof Icon

100% Leak Proof

Corrosion Free Icon

Corrosion Free

Lead Free & Heavy Metal Free Icon

Lead Free and Heavy Metal Free

High Izod Impact Strength Icon

High Izod Impact Strength

Infrastructure pipeline systems

Infrastructure Pipes

Vinyl Tubes a uPVC manufacturing company makes uPVC pipes to suit every requirement of pipes in an infrastructure build-up may it be in the field of gas, oil, irrigation or water extraction.

upvc pressure grey pipes supplier

uPVC Pressure Pipes

Vinyl uPVC pressure pipes and fittings have established themselves for reliability, with a proven record in the water reticulation sector. They are designed for both applications pumping and gravity designs.

uPVC casing pipe factory in india


Optimal performance, long life & zero leaks is what Vinyl HDPE/MDPE PIpes are known for. Designed for: Geothermal applications, Municipal and industrial water transmission systems, Natural gas distribution, Irrigation, landscaping, Sewer piping systems, Pipeline rehabilitation.

uPVC casing pipe wholesaler and supplier in india

Deep Well uPVC casing system

Vinyl Tubes manufactures uPVC well casing systems that can be lowered to depths of up to 600m. A life of 50+ years provides the customers with a long-term solution.

piezometric pipe manufacturer and wholesaler

Piezometric pipes

Vinyl Piezometric pipes are designed to meet the needs of site inspection and analysis. They are excellently for Monitoring Site, Sampling of Groundwater, Groundwater Monitoring & Installation of Data Logger.

Wellpoint Dewatering System :

uPVC Casing Pipe manufacturing company Vinyl Pipes has developed Vinyl dewatering systems that can prove very useful in lowering the groundwater table in soils with low cohesion and permeability. It is ideal for shallow aquifers where the water level needs to be lowered not more than 15-20 feet. Vinyl wellpoint dewatering systems allows you to pump from a few gallons per minute in fine sandy silts to hundreds and thousands of gallons every minute in gravels and coarse sands.
It features well points spaced around an excavation and connected to a common header. This, in turn, is connected to one or more pumps. Deeper excavations will require multiple stages of wellpoint systems due to the vacuum limitation of the pump.
Vinyl Pipes are accompanied by a range of high-quality tools and accessories that assist in the successful installation of uPVC Casing pipes. These accessories are available for the entire range.
MS for dewatering works

Deep well uPVC Casing System

benefits of vinyl pipe

Why Are VINYL Pipes Your Best Bet?

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