UPVC Column Pipe for Submersible Pumps

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Vinyl UPVC column pipe for submersible pumps are designed on latest technologies. These uPVC Column Pipes blend the perfect combination of technology and quality. We have made uPVC Column Pipes with the special formulation. Pipes have high tensile strength and high impact strength. It can withstand even under extreme conditions. It is tough and stands to meet the heavy handling.

Vinyl column pipes have a dual function to perform. On one hand, these pipes have to withstand the hydrostatic pressure of the pump delivery. This pressure is maximum in the first pipe connected to the pump and can run as high as 35 Kg/cm 2. On the other hand, the topmost pipe has to bear the load of the entire column filled with water along with the weight of the pump. The total load may be close to 2 tons. This dual load application is a unique feature and requires special manufacturing techniques. These techniques are available only with Vinyl Tubes Private Limited.

All uPVC column pipes are 100% metal free. The uPVC compound is Lead and Heavy Metal Free and we have developed a special High-Friction Thread. We also have avoided the use of Metal pin thus giving Metal Free, Leak-Proof column Pipe.

The installation part is super easy. We have created a simple and short video for the installation of UPVC column pipe for submersible pumps.

Features that you can find in our Vinyl uPVC Column pipes

  • Specially designed High Friction ‘Square Threads’ manufactured by imported CNC machines along with ‘Rubber Rings’ to 100% Fail proof Connection.
  • Sophisticated tools used for easy fitment of Drop Pipes.
  • 100% leak proof joints with no scope of leakages in uPVC Column pipes.
  • All threads undergo 100% Quality Check to ensure High friction threads capable of withstanding
  • ZD (Zero Defect) heavy load on Column pipe / Riser pipe.
  • Joints with ‘Coupler’ and ‘Permanent Lock’ for that lock the uPVC pipe and avoid any Rotation due to vibration or pump movement.

For technical specification, check out the details for uPVC Column Pipes.

We export uPVC Column Pipes, Casing Pipes/Well Screens, uPVC Pressure pipes, SWR Pipes/Drainage Pipe and Plumbing Pipes all over the world.

For enquiry, call us directly, fill up this form, or navigate to the contact page to find more ways to reach us.

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We are the leading ISO 9001 certified water management product-manufacturing brand from India. We Produce uPVC Column pipe, uPVC Casing Pipe, uPVC Riser Pipes for Bore Well pumps, SWR Pipes for Drainage water, a uPVC pipe for Irrigation & Electrical wiring and Plumbing pipes.

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We offer highest quality uPVC Column pipe, uPVC Casing Pipe, uPVC Riser Pipes for Bore Well pumps, SWR Pipes for Drainage water, a uPVC pipe for Irrigation & Electrical wiring and Plumbing pipes

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