uPVC Column Pipes: Advantages and Features

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We are the pioneer of uPVC Column Pipes, commonly known as Column Pipes for Submersible Pumps. We also offer uPVC Submersible Column Pipe & Accessories.

uPVC Column Pipes

Every Bore Well / Deep Well Submersible pump, require a Delivery pipe to bring water out of Well. This Delivery pipe is called Riser pipe or Column pipe or Drop Pipe. This is the important pipe because the complete pump is hanging on this pipe and delivering water. uPVC Riser Pipes is the best alternative to Galvanized pipe or Steel pipe as they are 100% Corrosion resistant and Bacteria free.

Vinyl has developed 100% metals free uPVC Column Pipes. Not only the uPVC compound is Lead-Free and Heavy Metal Free, but the Special High Friction Thread developed by Vinyl also avoid the use of Metal pin thus giving Metal Free Leak Proof column Pipe.

This unique orientation technique has been developed in the Research and Development (R&D) Lab of Vinyl. This orientation technique is used during uPVC Column pipes extrusion to get higher drop impact and notch impact strength for the column Pipes.

Vinyl Pipes have introduced the latest technology High Tensile, High Impact uPVC threaded pipes popularly known as column pipes for submersible pumps, whereas conventionally only steel pipes were installed.

These pipes are durable, hard to damage and long-lasting. They do not rust, rot, or wear over a long period. Due to the ability of uPVC pipe to withstand extreme movement and bending, it is also increasingly used in earthquake-prone areas. It can withstand rigorous shaking of the earth without experiencing any damage.

 uPVC Riser/ColumnGalvanised IronHDEP Pipes
Strong Threaded Joints (Required to effectively hold the column and withstand the load of submersible pump. Leak-proof joints to save every drop of water)Specially designed 'Square Threads' can withstand high load and do not corrode or rusr even after a prolonged usage of 50 years. Special rubber seals provide 100% protection against leakage.Threads are prone to corrosion and rusting. In absence of multi layered galvanization, after 2-3 years if usage, the threads wear out due to rusting and new threads are to be engraved. This involves extra effort and money & results in shorter pipes. These pipes are neither pressure tight nor have rubber seals.Threads cannot be formed as these pipes are very soft. Only 'Push - type' joints are allowed which are not very strong and easily open up during usage.
Head Loss (Due to internal friction)Smooth internal surface results in very low Head Loss. Water discharge is more by 10% - 30%.Rough internal surface results in high Head LossInternal surface is not as smooth as that of Vinyl Pipes.
Weight of Pipes (ease of handling)Light weight. Come in standard size of 3 mts. Easy to fit and remove.Heavy. Great effort is needed to fir and remove. In deeper bore wells, heavy pipes are prone to accidents.Become hard and cannot be rolled back during removal. Pulling them with tractors destroys the crops.
Longevity (Life span)Do not react with acidic or alkaline water. Have a very long life inside the bore well.Prone to rusting and corrosion. Need frequent replacement.Strength of material being low, very thick pipes are needed for high pressure application. This considerably reduces the internal area for water flow. Thin pipes used for high pressure application lastss for only 2-3 years.

Advantages of Vinyl Column Pipes

  • Column Pipes do not react with acidic & alkalis water
  • Vinyl column pipes are rigid with high impact resistance
  • It’s smooth wall improve the flow of water by reducing loss caused by friction
  • Special rubber seal is provided with thread to ensure 100% leak-proof joint at high pressure
  • Square threads are designed for holding high loads, these threads do not corrode rust or deteriorate up to 50 years of use
  • Couples are fitted with pipes and sealing with VINYL SUPERLOCK SEALING SYSTEM to ensure that during installation and removal of pumps, the coupler does not come out & avoid slippage of column


  • Cost-effective
  • 100% leak proof
  • Smooth handling
  • Energy saving pip
  • Unlimited Izod impact strength
  • Maximum load carrying capacity
  • Corrosion free with frictionless surface

Stress-free Pipe

The uPVC undergo the various process and high temperate before they reach the customer. Therefore, we ensure they reach you stress-free even if it means to take a more extra step. But, it is to give you trouble free product. We improve the mechanical property and thus the life of the product by dropping pipes to undergo an Annealing process.

Wall thickness

This is another invention of the R&D Lab of Vinyl. During this technique, we make uPVC column pipes thicker at the “Threading” end. This is to compensate the material loss due to thread creation. This technique reduces the consumption of the raw material and at the same time provides more strength to the uPVC column pipes.

Thick and Thin

Unique thick & thin construction of riser pipes:

We use this innovative technique for making Bore pipes thicker at the threading end to compensate for material removal due to threads is an innovation made at Vinyl. The residual thickness (t) in the end part after removal of the thread is the same as barrel thickness (t), Therefore the riser pipe strength remains the same, this technique saves on the raw material consumption and at the same time provides much higher strength to the Bore pipes.

Some other Features that you can find in our uPVC Column pipe / uPVC Drop pipes / uPVC Riser pipe

  • Specially designed High Friction ‘Square Threads’ Manufactured by imported CNC machines along with ‘Rubber Rings’ to 100% Fail proof Connection.
  • Sophisticated tools used for easy fitment of Drop Pipes.
  • 100% leak proof joints with no scope of leakages in uPVC Column pipes.
  • All threads undergo 100% Quality Check to ensure High friction threads capable of withstanding ZD (Zero Defect) heavy load on Column pipe / Riser pipe.
  • Joints with ‘Coupler’ and ‘Permanent Lock’ for that lock the uPVC pipe and avoid any Rotation due to vibration or pump movement.

Special formulation

We have special Design Formulation that makes column pipes high tensile, high impact. This design makes the column pipes / Drop pipe capable of handling both, the internal hydrostatic pressure as well as the huge vertical tensile load resulting from the column and pump weight. The Special Formulation ensures that the threads do not become brittle/get a chip off even after repeated loosening and/or tightening during their lifetime. Special raw materials are used in a very well defined processing technique to make these column pipes.

Vinyl column pipes have a dual function to perform. On one hand, these pipes have to withstand the hydrostatic pressure of the pump delivery. This pressure is maximum in the first pipe connected to the pump and can run as high as 35 Kg/cm 2. On the other hand, the topmost pipe has to bear the load of the entire column filled with water along with the weight of the pump. The total load may be close to 2 tons. This dual load application is a unique feature and requires special manufacturing techniques. These techniques are available only with Vinyl Tubes Private Limited.

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Vinyl Tubes have 31-year experience in water management business. This blog is written by a team of eminent geologist, hydrologist, and team of engineers of Vinyl Tubes Pvt Limited India.

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