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yemen water well industry - vinyl pipes

Water well drilling companies face great challenges in the drilling process. While the guarantee to deliver a borewell that supplies clean water is a huge challenge in itself, drillers often have to deal with specific local characteristics, related to geology, hydrology, economy and climate.

Drillers bring the knowledge, experience and know-how to build borewells in challenging circumstances. But can a good supplier of pipes enable them to do their jobs better, faster and at better margins? Even in the most inhospitable conditions?

Yes. Here is a story from Yemen of how water well drillers have overcome challenges that were hitherto considered insurmountable.

How did they do it?

By partnering with Vinyl Pipes.

Yemen: Challenging Economy, Low Water Table, High Temperatures

Yemen is a developing country that has seen wars that crippled the economy. Without a proper banking network or currency at par with more developed countries, most companies outside of Yemen would think twice to partner with water well drillers in the country.

Water Well Drillers: Gain Better Margins

However, the need of the country to have borewells is very high, as the water supply system of the government is not reliable or even available in many areas. Yemen has dearth of water – the climate is that of tropical deserts. It sees very little rainfall and has no permanent rivers and few springs. So, borewells are the number one source of providing water to the citizens.

Given these conditions, Yemen’s water table is very low. Borewells have to be at least 750 to 2000 feet deep. Compare this to the average borewell depth in most countries, which is just 600-800 feet.

Given the climate of the country, as well as due to the existence of active volcanoes, the underground water temperatures can be high, 55 degrees to 68 degrees. With water temperatures rising globally, these temperatures are also expected to rise.

Using expensive, Chinese steel pipes:

The water well drilling industry was largely using steel pipes imported from China. Not only were they costly to purchase, they also took a lot of resources, time and money to install and maintain. The rates of failure of the borewells were high too, give the temperatures, depths of wells and the pressure and torque on the pipes brought on by the pumps.

Getting introduced to uPVC

Vinyl Pipes, based in India, is a leader in manufacturing world-class, uPVC casing and column pipes built in ISO 9001 certified plants.

Vinyl reached out to an importer of pipes based in Yemen. And explained how they could change the paradigm of the water well industry in their country. The importer was made aware of these following advantages that his business could have by simply switching to the use of uPVC pipes instead of the expensive steel pipes they were importing from China.

  • uPVC pipes are extremely tensile and can withstand high loads without breaking. Steel pipes are comparatively rigid.
  • uPVC pipes can handle water with temperatures as high as 72 degrees.
  • Vinyl uPVC column pipes comes with a patented power lock that not only ensure leakproof joints, but can withstand the torque brought on due to vibration or pump movement.
  • uPVC pipes are much cheaper compared to steel pipes, and last far longer as well. This brings the construction costs down, not just in the costs of pipes, but also in the transport and installation costs as well.


The importer was convinced about the quality of Vinyl’s pipes over other uPVC pipes. Three years later, today, Vinyl is proud to say that 80% of the borewells in the country use Vinyl’s pipes.

  • By using Vinyl’s uPVC casing and column pipes, the cost of drilling borewells has come down significantly.
  • With quick delivery of Vinyl pipes ensured  across the country, the drilling industry has been able to shorten its drilling project time as well.
  • The borewells last longer and have fewer chances of breakdown with Vinyl’s uPVC pipes.
  • Vinyl pipes lead free and free of all contamination. They are food grade. Which means there is no contamination to the water from the borewell pipes.

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